AFRICA’s primary activities are to extract water; purify the water using ultra modern techniques and equipment; packaging the treated water in safe bottles and finally delivering the ready products to the regions in need.

Water Conservation,
Reuse and Recycling

WPA’s primary activity is to source for the water, purify the water using ultra modern techniques and equipment, packaging the treated water in safe bottles and finally distributing the ready product to their distributors in various regions within their target market regions.


Africa Drinking Water is on a mission to be a game changer in the bottled water industry in Africa. The desire to provide a refreshing bottle of healthy, affordable and well-packaged water is further propagated by the fact that water is essential for the life of every living being, human beings being top of that list. It is disheartening to see that this very important commodity is a scarce commodity in some regions of Africa, where Africa Drinking Water intends to set up shops. Even in places where water is readily available, the water is likely to be unsafe for drinking due to the presence of microbes, suspended solids, industrial contaminants and/or agricultural contaminants.

Why choose Us?

Our mission is to provide customers with the safest, refreshing and most affordable bottled water, and delivering value to employees, stakeholders and investors by running sustainable, ethical and profitable operations, and to create an exceptional customer experience in the provision of sustainable solutions vital to health and life.

Why choose Us?


Our vision is to become Africa’s leader in the supply of highest quality bottled drinking water at the most competitive price. Also the leader in environmental services which will empower people, protect the environment and enhance sustainable development.