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The natural mineral water of AFRICA is won after a long underground trip in the heart of Kenia. At AFRICA’S primary activity is to source for the water, purify the water using ultra modern techniques and equipment, packaging the treated water in safe bottles and finally distributing the ready product to their distributors in various regions within their target market regions. Because only with the purest nature we get our extremely pure mineral water. Discover here everything about our area and how we protect it.


  • Adult humans are 60-70% water.(H.H. Mitchell “The chemical composition () biochemistry of growth
  • ater plays a key role in your body.
  • People around the world don’t anonymously agree upon the quantity of water for daily consumption
  • Some recommend 1.5 – 2 L per day (reference)
  • Others recommended to drink as much as you feel is necessary (reference)
  • Drinking water instead of soda (or other sugary drinks) can aid in losing weight
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