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Borosilicate glass bottle

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We are committed to provide people with high quality glass bottles to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Using a reusable glass bottle not only helps save the environment but also helps save money in the long run!

Whether you are on the go, working in the office or staying at home, our borosilicate glass bottles are an excellent choice for water, juice or any beverage!

  • Made of borosilicate glass
  • Neoprene protective cover
  • Free from contaminants
  • Leakproof Stylish Stainless steel lid
  • Taste fresh and clean
  • Dishwasher safe (without lid)
This bottle is suitable for dishwashers, please wash the lid by hand.
"Designed in The Netherlands by Ozhan Ates.

Pure and Fresh from Nature Glass is made from natural materials. Unlike cheap plastic bottles or metal bottles, our glass bottles offer a pure taste without the residual taste of plastic or metal. Ideal for storing water, juice or other drinks. We have also developed a perfect mouth size for spill-free drinking.

Air and Water Tight Cap
The Stylish lids are specially developed food grade silicone O-rings. No matter where and how you place the glass bottles, the glass bottles are completely leak-proof. Please note: the lid can only be hand washed. We recommend removing the silicone ring regularly with a toothpick for a thorough cleaning.

High Shock Resistant Neoprene Protective Cover
Our glass bottles have ultra thick food grade Neoprene sleeves for maximum protection and a firm grip surface. In addition, the Neoprene sleeves also reduce heat transfer and help glass bottles stand firm when placed in the refrigerator or on a table. The new neoprene cover may have a little smell, the smell will disappear gradually. You can also wash the neoprene cover with warm water and then dry it in the sun to get rid of it. The small hole on the bottom of the cover is specially designed to make it easier to remove the cover

  • Durable glass bottle: our glass water bottle is made of 100% high borosilicate glass, which can withstand extremely high and low temperatures.
  • Stylish and portable: our slim design makes the glass water bottles an ideal travel companion and elegant look. The soft neoprene sleeve with handle provides a good grip and helps against breakage.
  • Leak-proof: lid with food-safe silicone O-ring, prevents leakage, perfect mouth size for the quick addition of ice cubes.
  • Safe: no harmful plastics, chemical odours or toxins. Our glass bottles are lead-free, BPA-free, BPS-free, phthalate free, and cadmium-free.
Our drinking bottle is ideal for indoor and outdoor use and is a great gift for all ages.

Borosilicate glass is stronger and resistant to breakage than average glass bottles. It can store extremely cold or extremely hot liquids without affecting the integrity of the bottle.

Leak-proof lids have food-safe silicone O-rings, so no liquid plastic comes into contact and no chemical taste. They are dirt-repellent and do not retain aromas or colours from powder or juice.

Neoprene cover:
Soft neoprene case provides impact protection if the glass is affected by a collision and also makes it easy to wear.

While this bottle has a neoprene cover, however, it is made of glass and can still be broken Please handle carefully.
Only the bottle is dishwasher safe and the lid needs to be washed by hand.
The new neoprene case may smell a little, the smell will gradually disappear. You can rinse the neoprene cover with hot water and then dry in the sun.

Drinkware Type: Vacuum Flasks & Thermoses
Thermal Insulation Performance: 12-24 hours.
Material Stainless steel
Color: Black
Capacity: 500ML
Size: 6.5cm x 23cm
Feature: Heat resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant
Usage: Hot and cold
Certification: FDA, LFGB, CE / EU, SGS
Packaging: Gift box, Goodie bag
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    Best coffee/tea travel mug ever!
    My husband (tea) and I (coffee) have owned at least 4 of these. Lost, left behind, and still using!! Really sleek looking, fits all car cup holders, functions perfectly, and seals up tight for transport! I love that I can take the lid apart for cleaning, too. Can't say enough good things about this... it's my all time favorite. Even on weekends when I'm at home with my coffee and could use a "regular" mug, I use this!

  2. Love these
    I love these travel mugs. I have two of them and use them frequently; however, I mostly use them for cold beverages. They do keep beverages very hot or cold for a long time, and the handle does come in very handy when your hands are full. They are truly spillproof which is wonderful.

  3. Best mug EVER!
    I have owned it for 4+ years and it has never leaked. I have small hands, which makes holding insulated mugs challenging and sometimes painful as they tend to be big, and the handle on this mug solves my problem perfectly. It travels everywhere with me. I carry it through airport security empty, fill it at a coffee shop near my gate, and enjoy my latte on the plane. The handle makes it easy to hook onto things whether on a plane, car, or boat. The lid disassembles easily for cleaning. It is the perfect mug!! So perfect that I call it my "mug of awesomeness"!!

  4. Love It
    I love my Cup, I just purchased my forth one.

  5. The perfect travel mug
    This without a doubt the best designed mug I've ever owned and I've bought 4 of them. One got left, one got ruined in the microwave, one got taken. Besides keeping hit and cold as stated ie longer it's handle is perfect for hanging on your belt when you need both hands free or hanging on the car door handle when there's not enough cup holders. It's easy to disassemble for cleaning. It fits nearly every cup holder I've encountered. Please don't change. It's the best out there!!!!

  6. Ik heb deze thermosfles aangeschaft om water warm te houden voor de flessen van onze baby tijdens een vlucht naar Azië. De thermosfles werkte perfect, het water was na 12 uur nog vrijwel op dezelfde temperatuur. En de thermosfles ziet er ook mooi uit, goed materiaal!

  7. Abdullah ÖztürkApril 15, 2019 at 09:52

    Mooi vormgegeven thermosfles en de drank blijft goed warm. Ook ideaal is dat je 'm makkelijk kan afwassen vanwege de grote opening. Verder een uitstekende thermosfles!

  8. excellent
    best mug i ever owned.

  9. Excellent design but wore out quickly
    I bought a Sipp Thermos about a year and a half ago, and have always liked the design: a bit taller than some of the other models out there, with excellent insulation that kept my coffee piping hot. You can't drink from the lid, but I prefered to pour into a mug anyway, and it's easy to slip into side pockets or cupholders (which is sometimes challenging with other models). Unfortunately, about a week ago, I realized that the top wasn't screwing in right. It turned out that the plastic ridges that allow it to be securely closed had begun to break off. For a couple of days I kept using it (being extra careful to keep it upright), but eventually too many came off and it ceased to be usable (spilling coffee all over my backpack in the process). I wonder if accumulated coffee acidity wore away at the ridges, which were always very difficult to clear because of the vacuum design of the cap. I would still recommend the product, just keep in mind that it may only last you a year or so of daily use.

  10. Awesome product.
    I have 6 left bought 12 several years ago and gave a couple out to close family and friends, had to order a couple of lids (12 ea) so cheap thru thermos, The base will last forever so just have extra lids on hand, I don’t use anything but these, they have seen some rough times!

  11. Have 2 of these for a few years now.
    I bought one and liked it so much I went back and bought another. Have had them at least 3-4 years now. They fit well in my hand and love that they can be locked shut. Add a carabiner and its easy to carry in a belt loop.

  12. Heel fijne en stijlvolle thermosfles. Ik zou deze fles zonder twijfel aan iedereen aanbevelen.

  13. De thermosfles gebruik ik dagelijks om mijn koffie mee te nemen naar mijn werk, waar ik een uur naartoe moet rijden of naar school om colleges te volgen. Mijn koffie bleeft er erg lang heet in! Zelf draai ik in de auto altijd de dop eraf, zo kan ik na een halfuur wat kouder drinken.

  14. De thermosfles gebruik ik dagelijks om mijn koffie mee te nemen naar mijn werk, waar ik een uur naartoe moet rijden of naar school om colleges te volgen. Mijn koffie bleeft er erg lang heet in! Zelf draai ik in de auto altijd de dop eraf, zo kan ik na een halfuur wat kouder drinken.

  15. Heel erg tevreden, fijn te gebruiken.

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